If you're a Cadby related to me, Ken Cadby, and if you'd like to have a permanent cadby.net email address, send me an email, tell me who you are, what email address you'd like to use at cadby.net, and give me your current email address.

I can set you up so that any email sent to [AnyNameYouPick]@Cadby.net will be automatically forwarded to your current email address or any other email address you specify. A major advantage of having your email forwarded thru Cadby.net is that, if you ever have to change where you pick up your email, or if you'd like to pick up email at more than one address (eg at both GMail and Yahoo), just tell me, and you'll have a cadby.net email address for life!

Eventually I'll set this site up with a login scheme so that we can see each other's email addresses, and whatever other details y'all will want other Cadbys to see.

Here are some pictures of Ken Cadby's Friends & Family.

If you need directions to where we currently live, send me an email and I'll email a nice link back to you. (I'm not posting it here, only because I don't want it to be public.)